Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can this be true? Obama satirized on ABC?

At last, conservatives have our Tina Fey.

ABC's thrilling and politically potent new sci-fi series "V," whose second episode airs tonight at 8 on ABC, pits the paranoids against the Obamanoids -- and it's the paranoids who see the truth.

Through the honeyed tones of the alien leader Anna (Morena Baccarin), who wins over Earth in less time than it took President Obama to impress Planet Nobel, ABC promises to bring us an hour of devastating, witty and keenly on-point Obama satire every week in a series fuelled by the audacity of nope.

Who cares what the network news divisions are up to when their entertainment chiefs can okay something as fluent and fierce as this deft little raid on liberalism?

Like Obama, Anna offers an exciting mixture of the new (she's not a white male; how bad could she be?), the young (her hipster minions promote the new era of hope, with a nod to Shepard Fairey, by tagging the streets with spraypainted "V" logos) and the post-patriotically groovy.

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