Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Global warming skeptic seeking GOP nomination against alarmist in Oregon

Come Wednesday, one of the most forceful and articulate champions of skepticism toward the idea of man-made global warming could emerge as a Republican congressional candidate.

Arthur Robinson, who founded the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (OISD), addressed the Heartland Institute's Fourth Annual Climate Change Conference in Chicago on Monday where he warned against intrusive, big government policies that invoke environmentalism.

Should he win tonight's primary, Robinson would go on to challenge Rep. Peter DeFazio, a long-time incumbent Democrat representing Oregon's 4th district. DeFazio has supported legislative schemes that are burdensome to business and to individual Americans, Robinson point out in his luncheon address delivered by way of video.

Robinson is perhaps best known for the Petition Project he organized that attracted the support and signatures of over 31,000 scientists who question the premise of man-made global warming.

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