Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dissed by Obama in July, Cambridge police endorse Republican Scott Brown for Senate in MA

In July, the very last time Barack Obama held a press conference, Obama took the time to offer his thoughts on the professionalism of the Cambridge Police Department in their arrest of his friend Henry “Skip” Gates. After saying that Sergeant James Crowley “acted stupidly” despite not having “all the facts,” several of Crowley’s colleagues expressed their support of him by announcing that they wouldn’t vote for Obama in 2012. Their union has found a way to make their displeasure known much earlier — by endorsing Scott Brown over Martha Coakley:


There are a couple of points of embarrassment here. First, Coakley’s husband, as Killion notes, was a former Cambridge police officer. Not only didn’t that give Coakley an edge, the 11-2 vote shows that it didn’t make much difference at all. Note too that the union opposes Coakley expressly on ObamaCare, but from the perspective of protecting their collective bargaining ability. They’re accusing her of being more or less anti-union, an interesting charge coming from any union towards a Democrat.

The other embarrassment comes with having an AG get opposed by a police union, which we saw in Worcester as well. We missed another instance of a police organization turning its back on the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the state earlier this week, too — when the State Police Association of Massachusetts endorsed Scott Brown.

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