Thursday, January 21, 2010

Redecorating the living room as the house tumbles

Democratic demagoguery and hubris never fails to amaze. On the morning after the Massachusett's miracle or the revolt against out-of-touch lawmakers, we in Lansing, MI were greeted by two articles in the morning paper that help put the statist democrats into perspective: "Michigan to Furlough 17000 State Workers" and "First Gentlemen's Office Make-Over Just Routine."

While thousands of state workers, represented in Michigan of course by the UAW, will take 10 unpaid furlough days to help the state save money, the Governor's husand recently had his office remodeled. A concerned citizen emailed the paper:

"Thought you would be interested in the following: Dan Mulhern, the governor's husband, who has an office in the (Romney Building), paid for by Michigan taxpayers, is having his office remodeled. New carpet, paint ... all new everything!

"And just last weekend the state brought in workers, on overtime, to rip out all of the old (carpet) from his office ...

"What are they thinking when this state is in such a financial mess?"

An administration spokesperson confirmed the construction calling it "routine" and dismissing the whole matter by saying it cost less than $5,000. The state journal writer was provided an email response, that said in part:

"The First Gentleman does not have an office budget, per se. At this time he has one staff person, who is actually a member of the governor's executive office staff, who is assigned to assist Dan in the work he's doing on behalf of the administration."

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