Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost two-thirds of Dems view socialism favorably

The Gallup Poll reports that a majority of Democrats, 53%, have a “positive” image of socialism, which includes independents who lean toward the blue party.

Only 17 percent of Republican and GOP-leaners hold socialism in a positive light. In total, more than one-third of Americans, 36%, have a positive image of socialism.

Also viewing socialism positively: 61% of liberals, 39% of moderates and 20% of conservatives.

The poll comes at a precarious time for the political left. The headline of my column Thursday: "Dems Haunted by Revived Stereotypes." As I wrote, we have seen "the return of 'socialist' as a rhetorical dodge ball, evoking mid-twentieth century framing wars." Senator Joe McCarthy must be rolling over in his grave (or maybe it's Henry Wallace). This poll won't help Obama's effort to refute the resurgent stereotypes, whether its socialism or "tax and spend liberal."

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