Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama has pointed out a new calamity: the silent P

President Barack Obama on Friday called for a new $10 billion campaign, staffed by 500 educators, to cope with anomalies in the English language.

While the scope will be open ended, it was understood that the campaign would focus on the letter P.

Although Obama is regarded, by Obama, as the smartest president in American history, he was reduced to a laughing-stock Thursday by his mispronunciation of the word corpsman. In a speech, Obama pronounced the word as corpseman three times.

As word of the blooper spread, and the nation laughed, Obama fired his teleprompter for failing to warn him of the hazardous P.

In reality, the P can be a difficult character. Accompanied by an h, the P is pronounced as an f, as any sophisticated philosopher or sophist knows.

The word Philippines is a double hazard. After handling the Ph, one has to deal with the double P, which is pronounced as if it were a single P.

Then we have the silent P, which tripped up Obama. How is one to know when to pronounce the P or pretend it isn't even there?

How about putting a slash through the P to indicate it's silent?

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