Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The biggest envronmental organizations and their bankrolls

Just because an organization is a nonprofit, that doesn’t mean it’s poor. Environmental organizations are thriving and have considerable financial resources at their disposal, with revenue coming from government grants and contracts, direct mail and Internet fundraising campaigns, foundation grants, and gifts from rich activists. According to the latest tax filings, here’s the net worth of some of the nation’s largest and most prominent environmental organizations.

1. Nature Conservancy

Total assets: $5,636,393,924

2. The Conservation Fund

Total assets: $451,178,482

3. World Wildlife Fund

Total assets: $426,048,663

4. Trust for Public Land

Total assets: $399,026,229

5. Conservation International Foundation

Total assets: $370,034,224

6. National Audubon Society

Total assets: $337,695,958

7. Natural Resources Defense Council

Total assets: $232,276,696

8. Environmental Defense Fund

Total assets: $145,765,426

9. Sierra Club Foundation

Total assets: $107,928,024

10. National Wildlife Federation

Total assets: $69,448,048

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