Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feds insist states do things their way, sharing the corruption

HUMAN EVENTS: What economic policies pursued by Democrats do you find most threatening to Texans?

(Rick) Perry: Washington’s mandating changes, blackmailing us with our own money. For instance, here’s … $550 million in early ’09 to help offset the increase of unemployment insurance in Texas. That is a fund that is paid for with a small tax on all the businesses of the state of Texas and historically, anytime the economy goes down, unemployment rates go up. In 2003, Washington sent $6 million here to help offset that. We accepted that. We sent billions of dollars to Washington, D.C., and getting part of that back is how our system historically has worked.

So, the current administration, $550 million, but here are the strings attached. Here’s how you’re going to expand the program. Here’s how you’re going to run the state of Texas from our perspective. And I told him “No, thank you.”

We would rather not have the money than have the strings attached. Because we knew that allowed them to put the changes into place that when the money went away in approximately two years, the strings would still be attached and the cost for our small businesses would be even more.

So they stood up with me, NFIB, Texas Association of Businesses said "No thank you." So, the biggest concern that we have is from Washington, D.C., and their insatiable appetite for creating new programs and spending money that hadn’t been earned yet. Deficit spending is the single worst policy that I see coming at the state.

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