Friday, September 17, 2010

Even the 20-somethings have turned against Obama

The swelling wave of young voters that helped carry Barack Obama and the Democrats to a historic victory in 2008 has flattened out, weakened by disappointment and cynicism, a new nationwide Rock the Vote poll reveals.

Important to both parties in this midterm cycle, a plurality of this voting bloc of 18-to-29-year-olds is focused on major issues including jobs, the economy, the cost and quality of education and the national debt, while saying it doesn't matter which party is in control of Congress. The young, according to the survey, are turning their attention to bread-and-butter issues rather than social issues such as universal health care and immigration.

Reflecting the concerns and attitudes of most Americans of all ages, the young seemed to have lost the fervor and optimism they showed in 2008. In fact, the enthusiasm gap between young Democrats and young Republicans is significant: 61 percent of young Republicans are enthusiastic about their party vs. 51 percent of Democrats who feel that way about their party.

Still, the young give President Obama a higher favorability rating (56 percent) than most Americans give him. A New York Times-CBS News nationwide poll of 990 adults published Thursday showed that 48 percent disapproved and 45 percent approved of the president's handling of his job.

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