Friday, October 15, 2010

About to lose, Obama is a "radical idologue" who is "dangerously out of touch" and "consumed by power, hubris and arrogance"

The Democrats are on the verge of a historical defeat. Just two years ago, the party seemed to be forging a majority governing coalition. It controlled Congress, key governorships and many state legislatures. And with the 2008 election of President Obama, the Democrats occupied the White House.

The country had shifted to the center-left. Voters had become disgusted with the administration of George W. Bush - especially Republican misrule, the sharp economic recession and the protracted wars in the Middle East. Bush-Cheney Republicanism had damaged the conservative brand. Democrats had a golden opportunity to build an enduring pragmatic liberalism upon the Republican rubble.

They blew it. Instead of focusing on economic recovery, job creation and winning the war on terrorism, the Obama administration used its massive congressional majorities to expand government power. In fact, had Mr. Obama exercised responsible leadership - cutting spending, slashing deficits and fostering pro-growth policies such as permanent middle-class tax cuts - he would be in a very different position today. The economy would be growing. Mr. Obama's poll numbers would not be tanking. His party would not be facing a political tidal wave.

Mr. Obama is a radical ideologue. He chose socialism over pragmatism, remaking America rather than reviving it. From the outset, Mr. Obama's goal was to erect a corporatist social democracy - the fusion of big government, big labor and big business. The political glue to Obamaism was the cult of personality: hero worship on a scale never seen in America and reminiscent of Marxist dictatorships. For the first 20 months of his presidency, he was everywhere and anywhere - receiving the Nobel Peace Prize (for doing nothing), repeatedly on the covers of national weekly magazines, making television appearances and enjoying nonstop fawning from the establishment media.

Yet, as the media coronated him the new leftist emperor, his subjects grew restless under Democratic imperial rule. Mr. Obama has alienated Middle America for one simple reason: His policies are bleeding the country white. They are breaking the nation's back.

Mr. Obama now is rightly seen as dangerously out of touch - so consumed by power, hubris and arrogance that he is oblivious to the contempt with which he is held by many Americans. They see him for who he is: a revolutionary post-national progressive who seeks to establish a new liberal ruling class. This has been the animating essence of his presidency.

Hence, he rammed Obamacare down the throats of Congress and the majority of the American people. He abused the legislative process, refusing to have the sweeping health care overhaul reconciled in conference committee. His administration engaged in open bribery and corruption to arm-twist key votes - the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, the offering of judgeships to brothers of congressmen. Most despicable of all, Mr. Obama lied. He vowed that government-run health care would curb costs and not add to the deficit. However, the huge entitlement will cost taxpayers at least $1 trillion over the next decade, if not much more. It imposes rationing and lowers the quality of care. Obamacare represents another expensive entitlement program that we cannot afford.

Mr. Obama promised that health care was a political winner for the Democrats this November. He has, however, refused to campaign on it. This is because even he knows it is deeply unpopular. He asked his fellow Democrats - many of whom were reluctant - to walk the plank and vote for the bill. Now he has abandoned them as they swim in shark-infested waters.

Mr. Obama has assaulted almost every segment of society.

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