Friday, October 15, 2010

Rep. John Conyers meets with marxist Democratic Socialists

...Democratic Congressmen are willing to collude with marxists in order to promote socialist legislation and to influence the political direction of the United States.

This is how the modern Democratic Party actually works - in partnership (often junior partnership, at that) with hard core marxists.

Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D MI), chair of the powerful House Judiciary Committee has been caught on tape, meeting with members of the U.S.'s largest marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America.

The tape clearly shows Conyers treating the marxists as friends. He continually refers to the gathering as "we," as he urges the comrades to rally behind his "beloved 44th president", Barack Obama.

The tape, posted on the D.S.A. Vimeo site, was filmed before the recent One Nation Rally in Washington DC, and shows Conyers speaking to a meeting of D.S.A. members in what appears to be an hotel room.

The website clearly states that this is a D.S.A. meeting and Conyers is introduced to the gathering by D.S.A. National director Frank Llewellyn. Prominent Boston D.S.A. member David Duhalde appears on the right, behind Llewellyn, wearing a beard, black T shirt and a cap.

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