Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Barry Obama, it's time for vengeance and he thinks he has us "firmly and, in his mind, deservingly, under his thumb"

Now at the helm, Obama is avenging the Sins of the Fathers, even though the fathers are long since dead and buried. Consequently, the Department of Justice drops all charges against the new generation of domestic terrorists, the New Black Panthers, who verbalize their desire to kill "cracker babies."

The DOJ turns a blind eye toward egregious acts of injustice towards whites. The Feds will even go so far as suing Arizona and threatening other states should they not toe the party line of importing as many people of color as possible.

When Obama tells black voters that he's freeing them from slavery, this is not hyperbole; he means it. But he's not referring to liberal politics that has only decimated the black culture.

Obama means this: he will put the final nail in the coffin of American exceptionalism. He will end the Civil War. And he will do it his way: by trying to break the backs and the spirits of the white oppressors.

It matters not that the Civil War ended over a century ago, nor that 3% of the population perished in the struggle to free the slaves. For people like Obama and the Revs. Wright and Cone, the war still rages.

Obama thinks we're on his Slave Ship, and he's taking us along for a ride. He wants us to experience the same terror, helplessness, and despair as that New York audience held captive in the theater long ago.

He wants us to suffer. That's why there's an impish gleam in his eye when he consigns Republicans to the back of the bus.

For Obama, the change has come. But it's not prosperity. It's not uniting us as one people, Americans, under God.

It's the chickens coming home to roost. It's this: we're finally firmly and, in his mind, deservingly, under his thumb.

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