Monday, November 8, 2010

Something else we can blame on Obama - faulty memories

CNN has published its exit polling data from last Tuesday’s House elections. The results paint a portrait of a disgruntled electorate that disapproves of everything, and probably lies to exit pollsters out of spite.

For example, the same percentage of respondents claims to have voted for Barack Obama and John McCain. Since Obama won the actual election by seven points, and the 45% support expressed for each candidate is close to the 46% McCain actually pulled, one suspects a great deal of Obama-Biden 2008 bumper stickers are getting steamed off the rear windows of the nation’s automobiles. Four percent of the exit poll respondents said they did not vote in 2008, with 60% of these non-voters identifying as Republican, providing evidence that one of McCain’s biggest problems was his failure to energize his base. Interestingly, 5% of Republican voters indicated strong approval of President Obama’s performance, which suggests the pollsters spent a lot of time hanging around outside Lindsay Graham’s house.

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