Thursday, November 4, 2010

Though thrashed at the polls, Obama still loves what voters hate

Before President Obama started talking yesterday, the question was this: Will we now see an ideologue or a pragmatist?

An hour later, the answer was clear: Yes.

He will be a pragmatist only to the extent it helps him push his ideology. If he gets a free hand again, it's off to the radical races.

Any hope he is a chastened president, ready to work for the majority of Americans instead of against them, is another illusion.

He told us so himself. Asked if he still thinks the health-care takeover was the right policy, he said the process was an "ugly mess," but insisted firmly, "The outcome was a good one."

There you have it. The signature policy he produced is "good," despite being unpopular, despite driving up costs and taxes, despite hindering job growth, and despite forcing companies to drop coverage or seek exemptions. Any more "good" like that and the USA will be down for the count.

Ah, quibble, quibble. Facts be damned, the guy believes what he believes.

He's a smart man and skillful politician who can certainly read election results. So, in theory at least, he knows exactly how the nation feels.

He gets it -- he just rejects it.

That explains his down-in-the-dumps demeanor. It wasn't contrition or remorse. That was self-pity.

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