Wednesday, September 1, 2010

71 % oppose Ground Zero mosque, seek financing inquiry

Public opposition to the proposed mosque and community center near Ground Zero is growing dramatically, a new Quinnipiac University poll of New York voters found.

Now more than two-thirds of local voters want developers to move the project, up significantly from the narrow majority who wanted to the mosque relocated last month.

The same number of voters - 71% - want Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to probe the funding of the project.

A July 1 Quinnipiac poll suggested 52% of New York City voters opposed building the proposed 13-floor center two blocks north of Ground Zero.

The new numbers show the lowest public support for the project since polling on the issue began earlier this year.

The Park51 project has sparked a heated debate across the country since President Obama came out in favor of the center.

Republicans have used it as a campaign wedge issue.

Cuomo has said little about the project despite calls from Republicans to investigate developer's fund-raising - which has yet to start in earnest.

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