Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black critic of "black mob:" Martin Luther King was Republican

I am a black man alerting my fellow Americans about a tremendous evil which is going on in our great country. Despite the wonderful racial gains we have made in terms of coming together -- not as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans -- black civil rights dinosaurs and their liberal white guilt-ridden sycophants campaign to "Keep Hate Alive."

The Black Civil Rights Mafia long ago abandoned MLK's dream of a day when all Americans would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. America's "Black Mob" makes everything about skin color to "get paid" and gain political power.

What is so evil about the Black Mob is their willingness to sacrifice national race relations and the best interest of their fellow blacks for personal gain and to further a socialist agenda.

Here is a prime example of the Black Mob's modus operandi. Glenn Beck held his "Restoring Honor" rally on the same day as MLK's famous speech. Al Sharpton, during his speech at his counter-rally, despicably misrepresented the purpose of Beck's rally. Sharpton proclaimed, "They want to disgrace this day!" Sharpton's lie was designed to inspire hate for Beck and the mostly white conservatives in attendance at Beck's rally.

As I have stated, the Black Mob betrays black America by allowing political gain and furthering of an agenda to trump their best interest.

A few examples.

The Black Mob attacked MLK's niece, Dr. Alveda King, for speaking at the Beck rally. NAACP vice president Hilary Shelton said Dr. King is not a good representative of her uncle's speech and is "undeniably a very long-term committed Republican and is pro-life."

Now get this, folks: Dr. Alveda King has committed her life to ending the genocide of black babies via abortion. Fifty percent of black babies are aborted. It has been said the most dangerous place on earth for a black child is in its mother's womb (

So why on earth would the NAACP trash Dr. King? Shelton also took a dig at Dr. Alveda King for being a Republican.

Well here's a shocker: MLK was a Republican. You liberals, put that in your "bongs" and smoke it.

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