Friday, September 10, 2010

Monica Conyers begins 37-month prison term for taking bribes

With roughly 20 minutes to go until her deadline, Monica Conyers obeyed a judge’s order and turned herself in to a federal prison camp in West Virginia this afternoon to begin her 37-month sentence for taking bribes.

Conyers, federal inmate No. 43693-039, self-surrendered at roughly 1:40 p.m. at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp -- nicknamed Camp Cupcake for its cushy atmosphere and one-time home to domestic guru Martha Stewart. The former Detroit city councilwoman will undergo a medical screening and psychological evaluation before being placed in general housing.

According to Sam Adams, the public information officer at the Alderson prison camp, once Conyers is medically cleared and assigned a case manager, she will be placed in her room, which is a standard cubicle with a bunk bed, no lock on the door, and no bars.

Because the facility is a work camp, Adams explained, Conyers will get a job assignment that could include plumbing, painting, food service, groundskeeping or orderly duties.

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