Friday, September 17, 2010

With disapproval of both parties high, O'Donnell positioned well

The day after Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party won the Republican nomination for Joe Biden's old Senate seat in Delaware (triggering the wailing and caterwauling of professional Republicans), Battleground released its September 2010 poll. The timing is perfect.

Christine O'Donnell ran against both political parties, really, and that seems in perfect sync with the American people. Although this respected poll shows that Americans incline toward the Republican Party over the Democratic Party in the November election, consider the percentages of Americans who disapprove of the job each of these are doing: Congress (66% disapprove and 47% disapprove strongly), Democrats in Congress (57% disapprove and 43% disapprove strongly), Republicans in Congress (59% disapprove and 38% disapprove strongly), and President Obama (49% disapprove and 38% disapprove strongly).

A perusal of the responses to other questions in the Battleground Poll reveals a profound mistrust of all of Washington.

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