Friday, October 1, 2010

Kindred spirits: Barney didn't have sex with that woman either

Bill Clinton: "No one has done more for the America Dream than Barney Frank."

Sometimes your jaw drops. You know they lie. Know that increasingly desperate Democrats will say anything to cling to power, but occasionally the rhetoric just blows you away. Take the following , blustered last week in Taunton, Massachusetts, by Hillary's husband:

"I want people to channel their anger into a constructive force. What are we going to do now, and who is going to do it? We've got to restore the American Dream, and no one in the House has done more for that American Dream than Barney Frank."

This wasn't a punch-line. According to Bill, Bailout Barn is the #1 driver of low taxes, constrained government and boundless opportunity in the House of Representatives. This from the guy who "did not have sexual relations with that woman" and whose famous tagline is "Ah feel your pain."

Speaking of which: Frank, as Chairman of the House Finance Committee, pushed the loans responsible for many a citizen turning to frank-and-beans. Frank, by not spilling the beans, did - and continues to do - more to damage American prosperity than any politician, spreading pain across-the-board: old, young, black, transgender.... Frank destroyed the American Dream.

Fortunately, Sean Bielat has the dream to replace him. Frank's opponent, a Marine veteran, doesn't believe in social engineering and coercing banks into sub-prime loans. He's not full of beans. He understands, frank with a small "f" means honest. And he hopes to be elected in Massachusetts CD-4 by explaining to constituents that Barney Frank means "liar."

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